​March 2018 //

​Taliaz is featured as one of six leading Israeli digital health companies highlighted in a new government report (in Hebrew).

A new article in “TheMarker” –  a Hebrew daily business newspaper published by the Haaretz group in Israel, features digital health startup, Taliaz.  Taliaz has developed PREDICTIX, a game-changing AI-driven algorithm to help support psychiatrists and GPs in improving mental health prescribing success, while saving time and reducing costs.

The article discusses the digital health industry in Israel. While the digital health industry in Israel is still quite small, it is growing rapidly. In 2017, there were 470 Israeli start-ups in this field, up from 315 companies in 2014. Every year, about 7% of start-ups in Israel are in the health sector.

A report by Startup Nation Central (SNC), which maps digital healthcare companies, found that the model of most startups set up in the past five years is to develop products whose end users are the patients themselves (B2C or B2B2C). In 2012, the business model focused on just business-to-business (B2B). The main change is the increase in platforms for personal health management – solutions that provide metrics and medical information for the purpose of providing recommendations and second opinions. The investments are relatively limited.

SNC asserts that the shift in model reflects a global trend that gradually shifts the center of gravity from medical institutions to the patient himself, making the patient a more active and involved part of managing his own health.

The digital healthcare sector includes, in addition to platforms for personal health management, analytical tools for analyzing medical information, solutions to manage work processes in medical institutions, sensors and wearable computing, and remote medical solutions.

In 2017, Israeli digital medicine companies raised approximately $225 million in 41 transactions, compared to approximately $250 million in 69 transactions in 2016 and $200 million in 80 transactions in 2015. Investments in this field are similar to the trend in all capital raising on the technology market: there is a definite trend toward investing in mature companies rather than early-stage startups.

The image below highlights 6 startups in the field of digital health, Taliaz, is one startup selected.

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