Following a rise in mental health worldwide due to COVID-19, the grant will support development of  the PREDICTIX AI platform to help more people and clinical research expansion in the EU in depression. Read the full article presented in CTech by Calcalist.


The Israeli health-tech start-up engineered a mental health platform that transforms the way patients receive treatment by integrating AI into their product, PREDICTIX. 


European Union Horizon 2020 Grants are financial funding projects that encourage scientific innovation in Europe, specifically for projects which improve society. The grant was provided to Taliaz to help it expand  its clinical research to Europe and further enhance mental health, specifically focusing on how its product can assist in combating, treating, and managing patient depression in several EU countries.


Taliaz’s platform PREDICTIX is a software that uses AI to examine and study patient records, while providing psychiatrists and healthcare professionals with the tools to improve patient treatment including those who have hard to treat disorders, and peruses genetic, metabolic, demographic, and clinical data, providing suggestions for patient treatment.


Dekel Taliaz, the company’s co-founder and CEO, noted the importance of treating mental health particularly amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. “Mental health issues are rising across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds will support our mission to enhance patient well-being and lower associated costs by ensuring every patient gets the right mental health treatment, the first time,” he said.


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