Taliaz CEO, Dekel Taliaz, invited to present at the Digital Israel Conference by the Ministry for Social Equality and Ministry of Health

November 2018 //

Taliaz shared insights and experience in setting up a new, groundbreaking digital health pilot with Maccabi Healthcare Services.

The Digital Israel Conference 2018 is an international conference organized at the Ministry of Social Equality to expose participants to the digital revolution in Israel.

During the years of the “Israel Digital” National Initiative, a great deal of knowledge has been accumulated on innovative methodologies for digital transformation. The conference is an opportunity to impart knowledge, methodologies and practical tools to the partners of the project.

Taliaz presented its scientific-analytical approach to develop its PREDICTIX technology. Introducing a solution that revolutionizes mental healthcare, allowing doctors to tailor the right treatment the first time while saving time and reducing costs.

PREDICTIX analyzes large combinations of data sets, creating a highly accurate clinical decision software support tool, empowering psychiatrists and GPs to personalize complicated mental health treatments.

Prescribing performance of PREDICTIX is unmatched at the point of care.  PREDICTIX is today available for commercial use in the European Union, U.K, Australia and Israel.