​13 December 2018 //

Listen to our CEO, Dekel Taliaz and Vice Chairman of the Brain Technologies Association share further insight into Taliaz’s unique holistic approach to personalized medicine in this exciting podcast .

Learn more about the Taliaz prediction algorithm, PREDICTIX, and how it analyzes genomic, clinical and demographic data to personalize treatment for patients suffering from mental health disorders, especially depression.

The MedTalk podcast provides frequent podcasts covering topics of interest in the fields of medicine and digital health.

In order to tailor the right treatment for each patient, Taliaz developed an AI-driven scientific technology based on patient data in the area of mental health – with a focus on depression. A holistic approach to customized treatment is used by the company, which combines patient genome analysis with demographic and clinical data, as well as information gathered from questionnaires.

Patients and clinicians are faced with a long and painful trial and error process currently taking between 12-18 months that Taliaz’s solution specifically aims to address.  Their time-saving decision-support tool, PREDICTIX Genetics, uses patients’ genetic data collected via a simple DNA cheek-swab and clinical data, collected by a quick proprietary online patient questionnaire, to produce a personalized patient report.  Psychiatric medications are ranked by predicted likelihood of patient response. The report provides personalized insight into how patients may metabolize and respond to certain treatments and predicts associated side effects and recommended dosages for each individual treatment.

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