Special invite by Chinese government

April 2016 //

Taliaz leads the mental health decision supporting genetic and digital tools for medical practitioners and psychiatrists. The company based in Tel Aviv Israel develops a platform to help the mental health industry treat patients from early stages of diagnosis to prescribing and follow up tracking. The platform is named Predictix Care which integrates Predictix Genetics and Predictix Digital with a useful tracking system. Taliaz team was invited to present its personalized-medicine technology to key decision-makers in leading companies from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The technology was received with great enthusiasm with partnership talks underway. Dekel Taliaz – the founder and CEO of Taliaz  has a PhD in Neuroscience from the Weizmann Institute side “With a non-invasive, simple test, we collect patients’ DNA samples alongside his or her demographic and clinical history via a quick, online questionnaire. PREDICTIX then provides predictive information about antidepressant drugs and recommends the ones best suited to each patient’s genetic makeup and health record”. The company develops its products using a team of data scientists who build prediction algorithms modules using artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand MDD (Major Depressive Disorder). The mission of Taliaz is to apply science to the world’s data – to better understand, treat and manage brain related disorders