June 2019 //

Taliaz achieved the exclusive top 20%, from 2600 start-ups rated by the independent rating agency, Early Metrics, following a rigorous due diligence!

Early Metrics is the first international rating agency for startups and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The firm’s proprietary methodology analyzes both extra-financial and financial metrics to determine the growth potential of early stage ventures. Early Metrics has rated over 3000 startups for over 250 clients, including large corporations and investment funds.

They study the field of mental health, where numerous startups have developed digital solutions to address a variety of illnesses and disorders, including depression.

Several startups, such as Genomind, have focused solely on genetic tests to treat depression and other mental illnesses. Other companies have incorporated machine learning into their systems, such as Mindstrong Health, which diagnoses patients through an innovative process known as digital phenotyping. Many companies have also taken up online therapy, such as Talkspace, or online medical consultation, such as Babylon Health. In addition, more holistic solutions for depression are emerging through diet and lifestyle changes.

Taliaz placed in the top 20% of all startups rated by Early Metrics. One of the main strengths we identified was the expertise behind the project: Dekel Taliaz, the CEO, has a PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior, in addition to experience conducting research on genetic mechanisms in mood disorders.