​14 Jan 2019 //

Taliaz was selected by Deloitte as one of Digital Trials – Israeli Startups at the forefront of the Digital R&D Revolution.

Taliaz’s breakthrough AI-driven personalized medicine solution is highlighted in a new report by Deloitte’s Innovation Tech Terminal, which assists the industry with a digital transformation of clinical trials. According to the report and landscape, Israeli startups are shaping the future of clinical trials. 


The report unveils a hidden layer of the Israeli healthcare startup and innovation ecosystem by focusing on how Israeli digital health startups can be used to digitize clinical trials and illustrates that Israel can be a leader in digital transformation of clinical operations. Furthermore, the report provides global pharmaceutical and Medtech clients with guiding principles for working with Israeli startups in the field, and offers startup companies guidance on how to work with relevant global players.


Taliaz’s scientific-AI driven tools, that collect and analyze genetic, clinical and demographic data in the real world, provide one solution to support digital trials. 


Taliaz CEO’s, Dekel Taliaz, latest blog, The future of clinical research: AI personalized, real-world studies, discusses more about how AI will enable the healthcare industry to design clinical trials for the patient and that evolve with the patient.  

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